Production Assistance & Facilitation

With Dominican Republic Photography Support Services, you've got a ready-made production team on the ground. We're here to battle on your behalf and turn your project into a cost-effective reality.

We're past masters at helping out-of-town teams get the most out of their shoots, and budgets. No job is to small, or obscure, for us to tackle.

We'll phone around for you, source props and vehicles. Ensure that your local interviewees or artists can get to the shoot, and "finesse" their agents where required!

Flexibility, Efficiency and Good-Humour are how we help you overcome the trickiest of production headaches whether as a production assistant or local Executive/Supervising Producer.

We're skilled at research. Be it locating rare photos or archive footage or actually helping you research the facts and people that underpin your story, we have a record of getting things done quickly and thoroughly. We've helped find artist's old studios, turn of the century photos and the lyrics to obscure songs to name but a few. We've also found fake eyelashes on a remote island off the main coast.

Spanish is a beautiful language, but production is much more than "cerveza" and "mujeres". Whether it's for an on the spot translation with an interviewee, an obscure tract rendered understandable, or an important letter or phone call, we have native Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian and English speakers on the team that can translate. Unlike classic translation agencies we also speak 'production' fluently.
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