Location Scouting and Professional Fixers

The Dominican Republic is revered as the Caribbean's most versatile Country. It has an array of production location choices from third world through to cutting-edge postmodern design.

The country offers locations as diverse as the Caribbean's highest mountain the Pico Duarte, the sun-drenched south beaches with powder white sand and crystal clear waters, the country's interior which includes pine crested countryside with white water rivers, the breathtaking western deserts and the charm of the north's countryside and Victorian architecture. And of course we can never forget the Capital City of Santo Domingo and her Christopher Columbus era Architecture unrivaled anywhere in the entire world.

Dominican Photography Support Services has an extensive knowledge of the best the D.R. has to offer and will enable an efficient and relevant choice of location for your film, tv or photography production.

We scout locations for you, and supply you with digital images or video and a detailed logistical recce where required.

If your deadline is tight, we will upload images and information to a secure site on the web, instantly accessible to you and your production team. This means that you can squeeze every valuable minute out of your schedule and collaborate with your team no matter where they are.

Once you've chosen the locations we'll prepare and submit permissions requests to the relevant people on your behalf and drive a hard bargain so that you don't pay a penny over the odds in location fees.

Please give us a call so that we can help you today.

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