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Dominican Republic Production Support Services is the heart and soul of TLC Productions run entirely by Tracey and Leonardo Cuesta and their family. Family can either mean their 4 beautiful boys, who often get thrown in front of the camera as well, or it may be their production family that has been created after many years of Hard Knocks trying to find the right fit. After arriving back home to the DR after a super successful career in the US, Tracey with new husband Leonardo (a Pro Basketball Player) decided to answer her old colleague's requests to get back in the biz and assist their shoots in the Caribbean since she had boots on the ground. Her first move was to get Leo to retire and become her right hand SuperStar Location Scout, Manager, Security, Driver, Production Assistant Extradordinaire. Everyone who has ever worked with Leo ALWAYS comments on how they wish they had a "Leo" on all their shoots. He's not a simple crew member he is "The Leo" and there is only ONE "Leo" in the universe and we have him.

Tracey's lifelong dream was to return home and pay it forward assisting the local industry come up and rise to the next level of production and she founded the first ever Film Commission under the Presidency of Hipolito Mejia. Unfortunately instead of appreciating her efforts the locals weren't having it, saw her as a threat and competition to them rather than a retired ally and tried every trick in their book and up their sleeves to destroy her and move her out of their way to take over her clients and colleagues that she had personally brought to the country for their shoots. Well unfortunately that backfired in their faces and today Tracey and Leo run the Largest Strongest and ONLY Professional Production Services Company that caters EXCLUSIVELY to International Clients who read as a who's who in the Film, TV and Print industries. Among too many awards and qualifications to list, Tracey is the ONLY Viacom Certified Producer in the Country and continues to serve people that she was raised with in the industry or their referrals when they want to come to town. They now handle everything in house and although they are stimulating the economy through Production Tourism sadly they aren't creating the jobs that they had wished due to the same small mindedness and lack of honesty and work ethic unfortunately that they came across in their early years attempting to work with a part Local Dominican Crew. They are all about Honest Service with a smile and they find that those who come correct love them but those who are either shady or attempt to throw shade in their direction always seem to find things more difficult. They might not always be able to deliver on every little thing that your heart desires but they will tell you like it is and give you options. Working in the US and the DR has given Tracey the perfect balance between knowing what International Based Productions need and want and what the Dominican Reality is to make that happen. She is the only producer in the country who has ever worked in the US industry and started out as an extra with George Lucas'Production Company LucasFilm over 30 years ago and has never looked back.

You always have an option...Either waste your time with the rest or just hire the Best. Dominican Republic Production Services puts your money where their mouth is and makes your project a success. no matter WHAT your budget is there is ALWAYS a way. Please feel free to Google any of our clients and ask about us, if they have anything other than glowing remarks to say ask them how much money they still owe us :-) . Those clients always have excuses. Thank goodness we don't get many of those and we just sit back and let Karma take control. We're only responsible for what we do for you and how great we do it, how you choose to act or react is all on you. We don't plan on lowering our standards anytime soon to even have any competition in this country, don't you lower yours either.

Our Mission

Giving you the most for your money and the best production in Latin America, and we do it with a smile.

We always work on time and on budget to give you and your client the absolute best of the best that the DR has to offer.


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Dominican Republic Production Support is here to help you get the most out of your time and budget when shooting in the Dominican Republic located in the Beautiful Caribbean. We offer Location Scouting and Management, Production Management and Logistics, Customs Liasion and a wide range of production services to make your shoot successful whether you're in Film & Television or Photography & Print.

  • Feature Film
  • Reality Television and House Shows
  • Print Photography Photoshoots

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Contact us for any of your production needs in the Dominican Republic, from Ground Transportation to Helicopter Rentals and enough Equipment to fit a 15 Ton Grip and Electric Truck all here right on site in a Luxury Villa/Production Office inside the Casa de Campo Resort.

Address: Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
Fax: 809 - 523 - 8541
Cell: 809 - 769 - 3456
E-mail: info@fotosupport.com